Leadership according to Rianne Kuik

Personal leadership

Personal leadership is the foundation of any type of leadership. It means searching for and wanting to fulfil your own potential. You take responsibility and develop the courage to get to know, accept and love yourself. You choose to show and express yourself, even when the outcome is unknown.

Hierarchical leadership

As a hierarchical leader, you have the courage to model exemplary behaviour. You look for the potential in people and processes, and you dare to develop them. You are aware that you, too, are learning every day. And that by being open about this, you create an environment in which it is okay to make mistakes and where security, trust and commitment are able to grow.

My method

The way I work is always customised to suit your needs. Together, we explore which method and approach best suit you, your team or your organisation.


As one of the Dare to Lead™ Facilitators trained and certified by Brené Brown herself, I use the official Dare to Lead™ programme as a part of courage building.

To put the courage you develop into practice, we go through the five steps of the connection process: getting to know, understanding, accepting, trusting and wanting the best for yourself and others. Only then you can make a difference.

Want to know more?

Developing your leadership skills, that is what I want to help you with. I inspire, train, coach and guide leaders and their teams in developing and applying the courage and connection this requires.

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