Rianne Kuik

I am Rianne Kuik, initiator of Dare to Besides the independent professionals with whom I regularly work, there are three colleagues who are together with me the face of Dare to These are Carly Wantzing, Else Arkes and Robert Joustra. They introduce themselves below.

Do you want to know more about me and my background? Take a look here.

Carly Wantzing

My name is Carly Wantzing and I work with a lot of fun and dedication for Dare to Behind the scenes I arrange and organize the most diverse things and plan the agenda. Would you like to schedule a moment of contact with Rianne? Call or mail me. You can do that via or (+31)6-468 506 24.

Else Arkes

I'm Else Arkes and at Dare to I'm involved with the online learning environments and project coordination. I also help with the facilitation of trainings. I can be reached at or (+31)6-117 508 99.

Robert Joustra

I am Robert Joustra and since 2014 I take care of the purchase of various (promotional) articles and printed matter for Dare to I also support Rianne and Carly in various areas including HR and training. Would you like more information about my tasks or contact me for any other reason? Call me on (+31)6-542 975 78 or send an email to