Team Dare to Connect

Working at

Working at Dare to Connect, means working from your heart. Our passion is to really make a difference in the way we work, based on our values: honesty and trust. 

What we do

Dare to Connect helps people, teams and organizations at developing the courage to connect with themselves and from there with others. 

Let's introduce ourselves

Curious to the team members of Dare to Connect and their job titles and tasks? They are happy to introduce themselves to you below.

Rianne Kuik

I am Rianne Kuik, founder of Dare to Connect. I am proud to present my team  to you on this page. Each and every one of them professionals with their own personal identity. People who connected with me and my company from a place of passion and drive. They introduce themselves below.

Want to know more about me and my background? Check here.

Bente Huizing

My name is Bente Huizing and I enjoy working for Dare to Connect as Office Manager. I am responsible for preparing and planning the trainings. I am also the first point of contact for everything on location and I am responsible for the (financial) administration. My values are trust and honesty. I can be reached at or by phone at (+31)6-199 037 70.



Else Arkes

I am Else Arkes and I work as a facilitator at Dare to Connect. I like to develop myself on a personal and professional level. I do this by reading, peer supervision with other professionals and investing in my own development.  My values are trust and making a difference. Choosing trust and courage over comfort is not always easy, but it is how I want to live life. With Dare to Connect, we make a real difference in the lives of people and organizations. That's why I love working at Dare to Connect.

I can be reached at or (+31)6-198 115 56.

Floorke Jutstra

My name is Floorke Jutstra and I enjoy working as a facilitator for Dare to Connect. My vision is that you can make a difference by being your authentic self. Connection with others requires connection with yourself, your personal themes and patterns. Connection with your qualities and with what you prefer not to show of yourself. Within the social domain, I am specialized in complex systemic problems and have learned a lot about human behavior and how it can be influenced by my behaviour and approach. I bring this knowledge and experience to my work as a facilitator/coach. In addition, I love walking as a way to process events and reconnect with myself. 

I can be reached at: or (+31)6-538 446 87.

Patrick van der Veen

My name is Patrick, I live in Zwolle and work as a facilitator for Dare to Connect. I am a social, optimistic and sporty person, who loves to get people moving and achieve results in many areas. I challenge myself on a regular basis Once I converted a bus into a complete camper. I love exercising which is why I regularly visit the Crossfit box. My values are honesty and freedom, keep in touch with my feelings and staying  true to that. 

I can be reached at or (+31)6-511 544 62.

Leander Potze

My name is Leander Potze and I work as a facilitator at Dare to Connect. For me, purity of the heart is very important. Not being bothered about what others think is cool, a good story or ‘how it supposed to be done’. But by just being yourself and following your heart with reason.  Hence my mission is that everyone should feel appreciated and connected by just being themselves. At work, at home and on the move! 

I can be reached at or (+31)6-138 999 69.