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Since 2017 we have been involved in various leadership, culture and change processes within various business units of ENGIE Services Netherlands and ENGIE Energie the Netherlands. You can read a number of reactions below, more references can be found on the LinkedIn profile of Rianne.

Gerwin Sieders, Director ENGIE Energie Nederland B2C
"Clear is kind, Unclear is unkind" is what Rianne typifies for me. Rianne has helped me and ENGIE tremendously in a change process within marketing and sales. From a functional organization to a customer-oriented organization. Although she has a lot of knowledge of marketing and sales, her strength really lies in connecting people. It's the people who make the organization. She has often held up a mirror to me, our organization and colleagues with the starting point "clear is kind". Clear expectations are the beginning of successful change. For anyone where these are recognizable themes and looking for lasting change, I highly recommend Rianne.

Peter van Dijk, Manager Operations B2C at ENGIE Nederland Retail B.V.
Rianne is of great value for the development of our organization. She knows how to keep the balance between real attention for the person and the team (she sees what's going on) and the result the organization is set up for. She does not work as an external consultant, but as part of the team in a structured way on improvement (both relational and substantive). She keeps her appointments and is someone who helps from a to z to create a more successful organization. Because of her sincerity, reliability and expertise Rianne is a very nice person to work with. 

Niek ten Bloemendal, Manager Marketing & Sales, Operations B2B

If you dare to look at yourself and your team and get started with the findings I can definitely recommend Rianne. Daring to connect is also being able to connect with yourself. Rianne knows better than anyone how to ask questions and bring to light the things that matter in order to make connecting a little easier. Team dynamics suddenly comes into a different light. Rianne is a pleasant person in the collaboration, absolutely keeps appointments and is able to make herself vulnerable, which makes it real and authentic. Highly recommended! 

Tanja van Dinteren, CFO ENGIE Energie Nederland NV, Member Of The Supervisory Board at Mooiland and Groen Gas Gelderland
In 2018 I worked intensively with Rianne in a change process of the finance organization. Through her personal involvement with the group and the individual, Rianne receives immediate respect. Rianne is open and honest and knows how to connect, but above all she has enormous integrity which enables her to quickly gain trust in all layers of the organization. She is able to approach situations from different angles and give back these insights. She does all this with an enormous amount of professionalism and especially a lot of warmth. In addition, she does not hesitate to name difficult situations and behavior. Through the energy that Rianne has put into this process, everyone, without exception, has gone through a development and his colleagues have risen above themselves. Thank you very much for this!

Jan Kloosterman, Manager Finance EMT at ENGIE Energie Nederland NV
In 2018, together with Rianne, I was allowed to carry out an intensive change process within our Finance organization. Rianne, like no other, is able to put her finger on the sore spot when it comes to leadership and connecting with each other, but she does so with integrity and professionalism. If anyone can express what real leadership consists of, it is her. She then knows how to concretely put her hands and feet on this so that improvement and through translation into daily practice takes shape. In doing so, she ensures that people in all layers of the organization connect with each other and look for themselves. I am grateful to Rianne for the many learning moments and the professional input in 2018!

Erik Welman, Manager GBS Finance ENGIE NL

From my workplace I have worked with Rianne in three different situations, all three within ENGIE. The first situation was within ENGIE Energie Nederland Retail BV, the second within the Finance department of ENGIE Energie Nederland NV and the third at the Shared Service Center of ENGIE Services Nederland BV. Independently where I have worked with Rianne, she is a professional woman who fully lives up to the name of her company "dare to connect". This is exactly what Rianne does in her daily work, she connects and does it in a very natural and pleasant way without avoiding the real conversation. Rianne has therefore been of great added value to me in every situation.

Teijin Aramid
Teijin Aramid

It started with a leadership training for the international MT team of Teijin Aramid, whereas finally, a leadership development trajectory for the entire company originated. You can read a number of responses below, more references can be found on the LinkedIn profile of Rianne. If you would like to know more about the program, the results, and our approach, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Erik Delnoij - TEIJIN Group Corporate Officer & Director of Marketing and Sales at TEIJIN Aramid B.V.
Rianne trained the entire leadership of the Teijin Aramid Marketing and Sales team in Dare to lead. She is an excellent coach and facilitator. She managed to inspire the team and me to adopt the Dare to Lead principles in a very challenging time! Her skills as a coach helped her in connecting quickly to team members of very diverse backgrounds. She is also adapt at quickly grasping the dynamics in the team. Excellent work Rianne and many thanks for the great collaboration!

Eric Haveman – Global HR&O manager at TEIJIN Aramid B.V.
The Teijin Aramid M&S Management Team is now Dare to Lead certified. An important step in a lifelong learning journey.

Dare to Lead assumes that courage is a skill that can be learned. Courageous leadership is about the power of vulnerability, clear awareness of values, building trust and knowing how to continue after disappointments and setbacks.

I am very happy that I 'ran into' trainer Rianne Kuik (Dare to Connect). Rianne has trained us in the D2L-concept in an inspiring, involved and practical way. From her own experience, both as a trainer as well as a business leader in a complex environment, she turned out to be a great sparring partner and coach for us. Heartily recommended.

Sjaak Bensink – Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales Industrial at TEIJIN Aramid B.V.
In 2020 Rianne guided us to the Dare to Lead program in a very organized and structured way. She really impressed us with her open, enthusiastic & professional style and truly made an impact on our team by demonstrating, also by herself, how "being vulnerable" can truly make you a better leader!

Monica Lopez Lorenzo - Business Executive, Platform Leader Life Protection at Teijin Aramid B.V.
Rianne has helped me to understand what my added value is, what I bring into the team as a leader and as colleague. I understand better what my strengths are and what an arena moment means, and that there is nothing wrong on letting everyone else know that I sometimes also need help.

She is a great listener mastering the dare to lead principles. I have discovered that only when I am not afraid to be present, to participate, to share and, only when I am here without armor and want to start an honest conversation, beautiful things happen. Thanks Rianne 


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